Recruitment Consultancy Services

This service is the foundation of the company and is designed to assist client companies based overseas who are seeking
to recruit staff from India.

Our Services

1.) When an enquiry is received, a senior consultant will review and evaluate your requirements in detail. Accurate job specification will be drawn up developed and reviewed with the client.

2.) A comprehensive personal history and career data form is sent to each applicant. These will then assess against the specification and suitable candidates will be invited for an in-depth interview.

3.) A shortlist with a written assessment of each candidate will then be submitted to the clients.

The client or our consultant can conduct final interview and selection. If the client conducts the interview, a consultant will provide all assistance possible.

4.) For specialized or technical personnel, the company will arrange for certified testing or the professional assessment of short-listed candidates.

5.) All visa processing, government requirements and ticketing will be handled by the company.


In order to facilities the hastening of the recruitment process, the Government of India has adopted strict rules, regulation procedures for which the following documents duly attested are essential and must be sent to us by the employers.

Power Of Attorney / Demand Letter

This letter has to be sent to us, typed on your letterhead mentioning all terms and conditions of the services with reasonable salary. Demand letter must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of employment and Indian Embassy in the country of employment.

A Power of Attorney also on your letterhead duly attested by Chamber of Commerce of the country of employment. Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Indian Embassy in the country of employments is required for registration with the Protector of Emigrates. In the Power of Attorney, the employer will authorize Bhushan Consultancy to do the needful on their behalf to complete required formalities of India and the embassies of the host countries in regard to manpower recruitment.

Foreign Service Agreement

This is an Agreement of service between Employer and the Employee, which we (as authorized agents of the Employer) sign on behalf of the Employer with the Employee. Most of the general terms and conditions in the Foreign Service Agreement are laid down by the Government of India, which cannot be changed.

This service Agreement and Power of Attorney along with the Demand Letter has to be registered by us with the Protector of Emigrants and only after the registration of Power of Attorney and Demand Letter, we are officially permitted to carry out the recruitment.


Recruitment Procedure

We keep an updated databank of candidates for almost all categories. As and when required, your representative can personally approve our short-listed candidates as per the job description, as well, as to have a close look of our style of work.

We have the most cordial relations with the concerned government departments, consulates and airlines that facilitate quick placement of the selected candidates. We  also have a competent reserve of English speaking personnel across all skill levels, and on demand and acceptance of mutual terms and conditions, we can mobilize them within 2 to 4 weeks time on our full guarantee.

Client Testimonials

As and when required, our representative will visit your work site to assist you in any way possible.

We are just a phone call away from you, call us, contact us on email / fax today with your requirement. We will be more than happy to discuss your plans anytime at your convenience.

Manpower Selection

On receipt of confirmed job orders and exact job descriptions of required categories, we source the candidates through our active databank, advertisements and head hunting. Our specialized recruitment managers test the responding candidates for their skills matching the job description & trade test if required. 

We have numerous bio- data’s of both skilled and semiskilled candidate seeking an opening in their respective areas of specialization. As a normal practice. We interview this candidate throughout the year. Advertisement is also placed in India’s leading newspaper, depending upon the demand

A very through strict is done on the Resume submitted by the candidate, and every aspect mentioned in the bio-data is verified. Written test, trade/skill test often conducted, where in we are to Judge the actual capabilities of the candidate. In certain vacancies, such as heavy equipment operators, machines, welders, etc., resting is done by qualified examiners from the government recognized technical institute. The list of such candidate is short listed, and suitable candidate are selected for the final interview to be taken by the principle or his representative.

The short-listed candidates' complete CVs with recruitment managers' remarks are sent to the clients for their approval   or the clients are invited to India to personally evaluate the candidates and it is an added advantage to understand our mode of operation.

We also mobilize short-listed candidates under our full guarantee, if agreed by the client. Candidates approved by the clients' are checked for medical fitness and the client is informed to process the visas.

Having very good contacts with major international travel service agencies, we confirm the tickets of the selected candidate and mobilize them at the earliest to their destination, under prior intimation to the clients.

Detailed medical checkup, which include chest X  RAY, BLOOD/URINE tests, V.D.R.L.test, AIDS, test, etc are conducted by Doctors appointed by the respective consulates.

Our responsibility for Employers

We provide right candidates for meeting your job criteria/description. Technical trade testing and keeping them ready for your   approval. Your delegate coming to India for an interview will be   received at the airport and accompanied to the hotel. Final interviews are scheduled as desired by you and  also  providing all facilities. Providing medical report of the selected candidates, consisting of tests as per the respective country's medical standards. Orientation to the candidates adequately on the local law & personal conduct to the respective countries of employment.

Deployment of Workers

The candidates can be mobilized a very short span of time from the date of receipt of the documents on our desk.  Placing the approved candidates within your desired time limit under prior intimation to you. Providing all possible help to the candidates in embarkation and airport formalities.

We keep our principals informed, as to the flight details of the workers in a view to keep them sufficiently posted. Also occasional feedback is invited from our principals, so as to maintain a good and everlasting relationship.